Alchemy (Global Cuisine Under An Indian Spell)

Located in The Chancery Pavilion, one of the oldest hospitality brands in Bengaluru, Alchemy is a confluence of delightful dining experiences and unique recipes, all under one roof. With the addition of this gastronomic destination, situated in the center of city’s social buzz, guests now have a chance to embark on an innovative culinary journey. Inspired by the word ‘Alchemy’, which denotes a magical process of transformation, each dish depicts the progressive culinary trends across the globe with a touch of rich Indian flavors. Microbrewery is "NOW OPEN".

From finest concoctions to eclectic flavours, everything served at Alchemy is the representation of culinary finesse. Admire the most breath-taking and panoramic views of the Bangalore city while you comfortably relish the most delicious preparations, curated by Chef Hari Nayak. Choose from our area designed for family members, an open seating area for the ones who love the cool breeze of Bangalore and private lounge area where you can engage in deep conversations.

Alchemy Ambience

Adorned in black, gold and orange with bamboo structured wooden roof, this lively restaurant gives a rustic yet a contemporary feel. Whether you enjoy upbeat music or slow melodies, Alchemy has something for every mood and occasion. With private and open seating options, our guests can choose how they wish to unwind. The moment you enter, exciting retro tunes and old school rock music will be here to greet you. And that’s exactly what you need after a tiring day, a place where you can simply be yourself and relax.

Timings: 11:00 HRS - 01:00 HRS

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Hari Nayak

With many successful ventures as a chef, restaurateur, author and culinary consultant, Chef Hari Nayak brings with him years of culinary experience that is set to transform the face of Indian cuisine. His creativity knows no bounds when it comes to deconstructing, innovating and recreating culinary experiences. New York based Chef Hari Nayak started his journey in India and then travelled to North America and attained professional training at the Culinary Institute of America.

After working in New York, London and Paris, Chef Hari Nayak popularised the deliciousness of Indian cuisine in the west by busting the misconceptions about its flavours and preparation. Not just modernising the authentic cuisine, he also excels at popularising the food with various bestselling books, including Modern Indian Cooking, The Café Spice Cookbook and My Indian Kitchen. His latest book, ‘Spice Trail’ features 100 modern global recipes for home cooks. Apart from this, he left no stone unturned to popularise Indian cuisine and established modern restaurants in Dubai such as Bombay Bungalow, My Mosa and Masti.

Micro Brewery

Alchemy houses a microbrewery that has been set up in collaboration with the renowned Cavalier Brewing, a craft brewery based in Melbourne, Australia. Bringing years of experience, Cavalier is managing all stages of the brewing process - from recipe development of all new releases to the final stage of quality control - delivering a fresh new approach to the Bangalore beer scene. The regular line-up includes a crisp Pilsner, refreshing Witbier using local spices, an aromatic hoppy Pale and decadent Stout with notes of coffee and chocolate. Expect to see many exciting specialities showcasing locally sourced ingredients, including fruit, spices and other seasonal produce.

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Alchemy Cocktail

We have various concoctions lined up for the guests and that perfectly sums up our passion of serving the finest drinks in town. Whether you’re stopping by for one drink or wish to indulge in some unique flavours, there’s a lot to choose from, including our Signature Cocktail- French Addiction, which is sure to tantalise your taste buds.

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Culinary Affair

From perfectly blended drinks with a desi twist to extensive food choices, Alchemy brings a wide array of new treats for diners under one roof. By perfectly blending in with Bangalore’s old school rock and retro music, Alchemy surely knows how to bring the house down. From bold international favours to innovative presentation and refreshing brews, everything at Alchemy is a celebration of life and the many experiences.

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